Peter Pan Shop Call this Saturday, November 2nd!

We will be holding our second Saturday shop call this weekend (that’s November 2nd), from 10:30 until about 3:00.  Please bring your lunch with you, or have plans for a parent to drop one off in the afternoon.  We would like to limit the number of students coming and going for safety reasons.

Parents are welcome to come up and help get the show built as well!


Technical Theatre I – Unit 2 Test Review

Tech One students, if you lose the review for your Unit 2 test, please print an additional copy through the Technical Theatre I page.  Remember, it is worth 10 points of extra credit for completing it and turning it in.

As a reminder, your test is on Friday, November 1st.

.Unit 2 Review

Peter Pan Shop Call on Saturday!

We will be holding our first Peter Pan Shop Call this Saturday, October 12th at 10:30AM!

Plan for the day:
*Strike the Grauman’s & Duelling Cavalier sets still hanging from Singin’ in the Rain.
*Leg the platforms for Neverland
*Continue work on the nursery walls

Anyone is welcome to come!  Parents included!  Please be sure you are dressed ready to work and get a bit dirty.  Close-toed shoes are a must, and jeans are recommended.  Ladies, (or gentlemen with longer hair), make sure you have it pulled back.

Hope to see you there!