Mary Poppins Magic Tutorials

Our Assistant Technical Director, Kason, and our practically perfect Mary Poppins, Emily, put together a couple of tutorials for the nursery and kitchen magic from the show. We had a lot of difficulty finding information for some of the magical elements that included any sort of instruction or something we could afford on a high school budget, so we hope these are helpful to others who are putting on Mary Poppins. The “How To” is included in the video description on YouTube.

Mary Poppins Nursery Magic – Mary’s Hat Stand, Valentine’s Dollhouse and Magic Picture or Mirror.

Mary Poppins Kitchen Magic – Collapsing Table and Falling Shelf


UIL One Act Play

The rehearsal calendar for Picnic has been posted to the Picnic page. Please check it regularly for updates.

Reminder: All of the company paperwork is due by tomorrow – February 12th – the full company packet is on the Picnic page.