Entering your ITS Points for the 2017-2018 School Year

It’s time to enter your points for this school year! Whether you are an active member, a joining member or a future potential member you need to enter this year’s points. You will not be able to enter past points in future years.

This year we have a new points tracking sheet that calculates your total so that I don’t have to (math and I aren’t friends). If you are a current Junior or Senior with a pre-existing points sheet you will continue to use your original points sheet, which should be in your Google Drive account. If you are a current Sophomore or Freshman, or a Junior or Senior without a current points sheet you will use the new form. I have created an example for you that can be viewed here: Student_Example_2018

Instructions for Filling Out your ITS Form:

  • Go to this link and MAKE A COPY of the form. Save your new copy as your first name_last initial_grad year. Example: Casey_S_2019
    • If you already have a form, as stated above, follow the below steps to update your current form. Do NOT delete the verified line that was entered by Mrs. Leffel or Mrs. Howe for previous years.
  • Fill in the top section with your name, address, email, etc. Leave Induction Year and the fields below that empty.
  • Using the 2017-2018 WHS Points for Performance Activities and the  Thespian Induction Points System enter your theatre activities and points to your best estimate.
    • Those with a prior sheet you may put the top line as “Points from original sheet” and then enter the total number of points from last year in the “Points Received” section
    • If you are unsure on the number of points you received for a specific action please see Mrs. Leffel or Mrs. Dalfonzo.
    • See Notes below regarding points for some activities
    • If you are struggling to understand the form itself please refer to this YouTube video tutorial.
  • Share your completed form with both Mrs. Leffel AND Mrs. Dalfonzo at LeffelL@friscoisd.org and DalfonzJ@friscoisd.org
  • All points will be verified by the directors. Some points values may change based on director discretion.

A Couple of Notes:

  • If are currently inducted into ITS you can earn points for productions you have seen outside of school. Beginning this year you may earn a maximum of .25 points per full-length production. Remember that one point is the equivalent of 10 hours so you are getting 1 point for every four productions you see, assuming an average production length of 2.5 hours per show. Beginning next year a program will be required for all audience shows submitted.
  • This sheet lists accurate points for WHS Theatre Performances this school year. Please use these points amounts. 2017-2018 WHS Points for Performance Activities
  • If you are submitting points for work done outside of Wakeland Theatre, such as performing in a production for an outside company, you need to provide documentation of your involvement in the show. A performance program will be sufficient.
  • You get .5 points for each Saturday or Friday night (non-regular rehearsal time) shop call you attended for the entire time. Otherwise you get one point per 10 hours you were at shop calls total. If you do not sign in at shop calls then you do not get points.
  • You do NOT get points for rehearsals
  • You do NOT get points for any class performances – public performances for an actual audience only.

All Thespian Points must be entered by Monday, April 16th. No changes or additions will be permitted after that time unless an event arises that you are asked to participate in such as Academic Awards, Wespy’s, etc.


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