Senior Wills – 2018

Hey Wolverine Theatre Seniors!

Make sure you get your Senior Wills submitted for approval by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 29th! You will not be allowed to present at banquet without prior approval.

All Senior Wills MUST be appropriate for all audiences, including your parents, grandparents and administrators. They must relate directly to your time in Wakeland Theatre and should not be general “I love you and will miss you” gifts. You may will to a maximum of 2 people. Deadline to submit your Wills is Tuesday, May 29th at 5:00PM.

Example of an appropriate Senior Will: “I am willing Samantha my set of paintbrushes. I’ve taken great care of them over the past four years and look forward to seeing what you will paint with them in the next few years.” or “Sam and I have been through a lot backstage over the past few years. I’m willing you my backstage clipboard so that you can always keep me around.”

Example of an inappropriate Senior Will: “I’m willing you this bag of random stuff because I went to the store and all these things reminded me of you.” or “I’m willing you this thing related to an inside joke that no one else will understand”

If you are not sure if your Will qualifies, please speak with Mrs. Dalfonzo and Mrs. Leffel about it ahead of time, and they will help you with that determination.

Link to Submit –

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