Senior Wills – 2018

Hey Wolverine Theatre Seniors!

Make sure you get your Senior Wills submitted for approval by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 29th! You will not be allowed to present at banquet without prior approval.

All Senior Wills MUST be appropriate for all audiences, including your parents, grandparents and administrators. They must relate directly to your time in Wakeland Theatre and should not be general “I love you and will miss you” gifts. You may will to a maximum of 2 people. Deadline to submit your Wills is Tuesday, May 29th at 5:00PM.

Example of an appropriate Senior Will: “I am willing Samantha my set of paintbrushes. I’ve taken great care of them over the past four years and look forward to seeing what you will paint with them in the next few years.” or “Sam and I have been through a lot backstage over the past few years. I’m willing you my backstage clipboard so that you can always keep me around.”

Example of an inappropriate Senior Will: “I’m willing you this bag of random stuff because I went to the store and all these things reminded me of you.” or “I’m willing you this thing related to an inside joke that no one else will understand”

If you are not sure if your Will qualifies, please speak with Mrs. Dalfonzo and Mrs. Leffel about it ahead of time, and they will help you with that determination.

Link to Submit –

2018-2019 WHS Theatre Booster Club Officer Slate

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, I would like to present you with the 2018-19  proposed Wakeland Theatre Booster Club Officer Slate.

  • President – Kristi Ray
  • Vice President – Lorraine Mann
  • Secretary – Cheryl Doerr
  • Treasurer – Deb Morrin
  • Parliamentarian – Julie Stutts

The Nominating Committee is excited about this slate and feel they will do a great job for the group.  Voting of the officer positions will take place during a short business meeting at banquet on May 31st.


Wakeland HS Represents at 2018 Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Theatre Awards

Last night students from Wakeland High School gathered to attend the 2018 Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Theatre Awards program at the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas.

Wolverine Theatre’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was nominated in two catagories: Best Leading Actress and Best Orchestra.

DSM WHS 2018

Jr. Elizabeth Dye was thrilled to be nominated for Best Leading Actress for her portrayal of Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Not only was Elizabeth able to perform on the DSM stage with the other eight category nominees she also had the opportunity to walk the red carpet, participate in the opening number and perform with Tony Award Winner Victoria Clark in a production number from The Light in the Piazza during the show. It was an evening she won’t soon forget.

Though Best Orchestra nominees don’t perform at the awards show Wakeland’s incredibly talented band and orchestra students, under the direction of Kevin Jones, had an enjoyable evening participating in the ceremony as well.

In addition to Best Actress and Best Orchestra nominations, Senior Mark Doerr was awarded one of ten Dallas Summer Musicals Ambassador Scholarships for students who have shown committment and involvement to theatre throughout high school but are not pursuing theatre in college. Mark, who played Gaston in this year’s production, hopes to one day play the Oboe in Broadway Pit Orchestras.

Wolverine Theatre’s production was an honorable mention nominee in seven additional categories: Choreography, Scenic Design, Costume Design, Stage Crew/Technical Execution, Ensemble/Chorus, Supporting Actress  (Leah Zalenski as Mrs. Potts), and Featured Actor (Ryan Roddy as Lumiere).

All schools who participate in the DSM program are invited to send two students from their production to participate in the program finale. Chosen by the directors, Senior Riley Budd and Sophomore Matthew Reno represented Wolverine Theatre this year and had a great time performing an inspiring number from Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen.

We are so proud of our entire Fine Arts program at Wakeland High School!



WHS Carnival for a Cure

Next Wednesday, May 23rd, Wakeland High School students will be participating in our first Carnival for a Cure day to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. (This event is not open to the public).

Wolverine Theatre, in collaboration with the Wakeland Art Department, will be sponsoring and running the Sidewalk Chalk event and we are in need of sidewalk chalk donations. If you would like to help please send in sidewalk chalk by the end of the day on Monday, May 21st – any brand will do! The student that brings in the most chalk will be rewarded with a $10 gift card to the restaurant of their choice! Chalk can be turned in to Mrs. Leffel in F106 or Mrs. Garza in B114.

Image result for sidewalk chalk

Thank you for your support!!!!



Tomorrow, May 15th, is the absolute last day to turn in your banquet RSVP and your banquet payment. You don’t want to miss out on a fun evening of inductions, awards, food and games! Our booster club officers will be up at school at 4:30 tomorrow to pick up all payments. Please print the form at the bottom of this post and return it with your check, made out to the Wakeland Theatre Booster Club.

Remember, banquet is when we induct our new ITS members, announce our ITS officers for next year, give out all of the student voted awards, recap the year, eat and announce next years show! I promise you won’t want to miss it!!!!

Your $25 ticket includes dinner and a $10 Dave & Busters game play card (for students only). If you have any questions please see Mrs. Leffel or Mrs. Dalfonzo before the end of the day on Monday.

2017-2018 Banquet RSVP Form

We are also still taking nominations for our 2018-2019 Booster Club Officers. If you are interested, or you would like to recommend someone for a position please let Julie Cottrell know right away. Please see the post for Booster Officer Nominations for additional details. We hope you will consider serving in this capacity.


Booster Officer Nominations for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Dear Booster Club Members!

It’s that time of year again where we need to elect a new slate of officers for the Wakeland Theatre Booster Club Board.  If you have any interest in serving on the Board for the 2018-2019 school year, please contact Julie Cottrell, our nominating Chair with questions or to through your hat in the ring.  She and the nominating committee will be preparing the slate for a new President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian.  If you are a member of the Wakeland Theatre Boosters, you are eligible to hold a position.  We hope that you will consider serving in a leadership capacity for the upcoming school year. 

 Since the end of this school year is fast approaching, kindly let Julie Cottrell know of your interest by Tuesday, May 15th. 

Elections will take place during our final booster club meeting on May 30th during our end-of-the-year banquet.

Julie’s email address is or cell number is 847-471-5945.
Wakeland Theatre Boosters – Board Descriptions

Thank you very much!

Save the Date for the 2017-2018 Wolverine Theatre Banquet and ITS Induction Ceremony

Banquet Save the Date 2018

Please join us in celebration of the accomplishments of our theatre students and production on the evening on May 30th at Dave & Buster’s at Stonebriar Centre. Banquet tickets are $25 per person, and WHS Theatre Students will receive a $10 Dave & Buster’s Play Card with their ticket (sorry, the Play Cards are only for the Theatre students).

Please print the attached RSVP form and return the bottom portion along with a CHECK made out the Wakeland Theatre Booster Club no later than Monday, May 14th. Parents and family are encouraged to attend, but please no dates or friends as we have limited space.

We hope to see you at Banquet!

Wolverine Theatre 2017-2018 Banquet RSVP Form

2017-2018 Thespian Induction Information

International Thespian Honor Society invitations have gone out to eligible students over the past two days. Your RSVP slip and your $30 Induction Fee are due on Monday, May 7th and checks should be made out to the Wakeland Theatre Booster Club. PLEASE NO CASH!!!!

If your check and RSVP card are not received by the end of the day on Monday, May 7th your membership will not be submitted this year. If you have any questions please find Mrs. Leffel.

Image result for International Thespian Society Invitation

Technical Theatre Student Brings Home State Medal

A huge congratulations are in order for Senior Nick Blanton! For the second year in a row his set designs for the UIL Theatrical Design Contest advanced to the state level, and this year he is coming home with a 4th Place medal in Division II Set Design. Theatrical Design Contest Chair Rachel Gomez let us know that there were approximately 95 initial entries in the Division II Set Design at the initial round, which were narrowed down to 17 entries for the state level of the contest.

Nick Blanton with Designs

This year’s Theatrical Design prompt tasked the student designers with creating sets, costumes, makeup & hair, or marketing designs that would work for a repertory production of both A Raisin in the Sun and Clybourne Park. Nick’s designs featured a fragmented set, and highlighted both the socio-economic and racial struggles of both productions.

Nick Blanton_Wakeland_4th Place_Division II Set Design

Next year Nick will be pursuing a degree in set design at University of Oklahoma’s Helmerich School of Drama. The prestigious program accepts only 12 incoming freshman in technical theatre each year. We wish him the best and can’t wait to see where his designs take him in the future!

Entering your ITS Points for the 2017-2018 School Year

It’s time to enter your points for this school year! Whether you are an active member, a joining member or a future potential member you need to enter this year’s points. You will not be able to enter past points in future years.

This year we have a new points tracking sheet that calculates your total so that I don’t have to (math and I aren’t friends). If you are a current Junior or Senior with a pre-existing points sheet you will continue to use your original points sheet, which should be in your Google Drive account. If you are a current Sophomore or Freshman, or a Junior or Senior without a current points sheet you will use the new form. I have created an example for you that can be viewed here: Student_Example_2018

Instructions for Filling Out your ITS Form:

  • Go to this link and MAKE A COPY of the form. Save your new copy as your first name_last initial_grad year. Example: Casey_S_2019
    • If you already have a form, as stated above, follow the below steps to update your current form. Do NOT delete the verified line that was entered by Mrs. Leffel or Mrs. Howe for previous years.
  • Fill in the top section with your name, address, email, etc. Leave Induction Year and the fields below that empty.
  • Using the 2017-2018 WHS Points for Performance Activities and the  Thespian Induction Points System enter your theatre activities and points to your best estimate.
    • Those with a prior sheet you may put the top line as “Points from original sheet” and then enter the total number of points from last year in the “Points Received” section
    • If you are unsure on the number of points you received for a specific action please see Mrs. Leffel or Mrs. Dalfonzo.
    • See Notes below regarding points for some activities
    • If you are struggling to understand the form itself please refer to this YouTube video tutorial.
  • Share your completed form with both Mrs. Leffel AND Mrs. Dalfonzo at and
  • All points will be verified by the directors. Some points values may change based on director discretion.

A Couple of Notes:

  • If are currently inducted into ITS you can earn points for productions you have seen outside of school. Beginning this year you may earn a maximum of .25 points per full-length production. Remember that one point is the equivalent of 10 hours so you are getting 1 point for every four productions you see, assuming an average production length of 2.5 hours per show. Beginning next year a program will be required for all audience shows submitted.
  • This sheet lists accurate points for WHS Theatre Performances this school year. Please use these points amounts. 2017-2018 WHS Points for Performance Activities
  • If you are submitting points for work done outside of Wakeland Theatre, such as performing in a production for an outside company, you need to provide documentation of your involvement in the show. A performance program will be sufficient.
  • You get .5 points for each Saturday or Friday night (non-regular rehearsal time) shop call you attended for the entire time. Otherwise you get one point per 10 hours you were at shop calls total. If you do not sign in at shop calls then you do not get points.
  • You do NOT get points for rehearsals
  • You do NOT get points for any class performances – public performances for an actual audience only.

All Thespian Points must be entered by Monday, April 16th. No changes or additions will be permitted after that time unless an event arises that you are asked to participate in such as Academic Awards, Wespy’s, etc.