Friday Evening Shop Call for Peter Pan

Due to scheduling conflicts on Saturday we will be working on Friday after school this week instead of Saturday!  Please make it a point to attend.  We will be working from about 4:30-8:00, and can use several people.  Remember, parents are more than welcome to attend!

We have not had strong attendance this year at after school or weekend tech calls.  Thank you to the few of you that make it a point to be there: Audrey, Chris, Josh, Laura, Brandy, Lauren, Kat & Tori from the crew, and Rani, Natalie, Grace, Sarah and Holly from the cast!.

For planning purposes, here are the remaining shop calls for Peter Pan, in addition to our regularly scheduled Monday-Thursday build times.

Friday, November 8th – 4:30-8:00

Saturday, November 16th – 10:30-3:30

Friday, November 22nd – 4:30-8:30

Saturday, November 23rd – 10:00-3:30 (Yes, this is the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  If you are in town, we need you to come help us get the show built)

Saturday, November 30th if needed – 10:00-3:30 (Again, this is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and the need of this shop call will rely heavily on the previous Saturday’s call)

We begin technical rehearsals as soon as we come back from Thanksgiving break.  This means we need to accomplish as much as possible between now and then.  While small things can still be done in class and after school during that week, there cannot be any construction elements not ready for rehearsal.

We need you to help us complete the build!  Whether you are in the cast or on the crew you’re assistance is vital to the success of the production, even if all you can do is tear strips of muslin!

Peter Pan Shop Call this Saturday, November 2nd!

We will be holding our second Saturday shop call this weekend (that’s November 2nd), from 10:30 until about 3:00.  Please bring your lunch with you, or have plans for a parent to drop one off in the afternoon.  We would like to limit the number of students coming and going for safety reasons.

Parents are welcome to come up and help get the show built as well!


Peter Pan Shop Call on Saturday!

We will be holding our first Peter Pan Shop Call this Saturday, October 12th at 10:30AM!

Plan for the day:
*Strike the Grauman’s & Duelling Cavalier sets still hanging from Singin’ in the Rain.
*Leg the platforms for Neverland
*Continue work on the nursery walls

Anyone is welcome to come!  Parents included!  Please be sure you are dressed ready to work and get a bit dirty.  Close-toed shoes are a must, and jeans are recommended.  Ladies, (or gentlemen with longer hair), make sure you have it pulled back.

Hope to see you there!